Gas Prices In Gilbert Drop to a 10-Month Low!

Arizona gas prices hit a 10-month low on Thursday.  Residents of the state are paying an average of $3.19 per gallon.  It is the 7th week of decreases.  Gilbert and the East Valley averages $3.15 per gallon.

The United States average fuel price increased 0.03 cents to $3.29 per gallon. Tucson and flagstaff hold the low and high state fuel averages.  Tucson at $3.29 and Flagstaff at $3.94  per gallon. In the United States New Mexico and California hold high and low price extremes at $3.33 and $3.62 per gallon respectively.

Current market factors such as sagging demand, which is typical this time of year will likely help retail prices sustain a multi-month low through the Holiday Season.

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