What’s Ahead For The Gilbert Housing Market in 2012

I am expecting the Gilbert housing market to see a trend towards more short sales in 2012. Banks have been streamlining their short sale process and I am expecting that refining to continue. The improvements in the short sale process by the banks will have an effect on the volume of foreclosures. Gilbert home buyers will notice a decline in bank owned properties and an increase of short sales entering the Gilbert market. Buyers and sellers should notice a much smoother and quicker transaction when negotiating with banks on short sales as the banks continue to improve the short sale process. Although much better, this process is still not perfect.

It is still very important to work with a Realtor, who has the knowledge and experience to know which short sale properties may be difficult to obtain in a timely manner. Some of the more difficult short sales to negotiate are properties with multiple loans and or lenders.  An experienced Realtor will have the knowledge of which banks have improved their short sale process and turn-around times.  Make sure to consult with a local Realtor who is familiar with the Gilbert housing market.

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