A Whole New Strain of Investors Steps Forward In Gilbert

A Whole New Strain of Investors Steps Forward In Gilbert, AZ

Mom and Pop investors are seeking to maximize the depressed real estate market (including Gilbert, AZ) with the idea of one day being in position to profit. A write-up in USA Today highlights this new type of small-scale investors who choose to purchase and hold properties, as an alternative to the high-dollar large investment businesses that once dominated the housing market who preferred to purchase and flip their investments.

For “mom and pop investors,” the tactic is to shop for homes at rock-bottom prices, rent the them out to cover all of their costs of owning a home for some time, and then eventually sell the homes when prices recover.

The Newest Gilbert, AZ Real Estate Investors

Investors purchased greater than 26 % of single-family homes and condos in 167 U.S. markets inside the first nine months of this past year, according to data furnished to USA Today.

For investors from the rental market, an 8 percent annual return is pretty normal, says experts .That implies that a person that buys a $100,000 home- and pays all cash – makes $8,000 annually after expenses, including maintenance and taxes notes the USA Today article.

Obviously, the threats of tenant and maintenance issues has the possibility to derail that potential profit, so investors should be cautious before leaping in, some experts warn.

Gilbert, AZ is no different.

I am finding that many of my new investors are looking to retire in a few years and buying a one or two homes to rent out. When the Gilbert, AZ real estate market changes they will sell their investment homes as part of their diversified retirement plan.
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