What it Takes to Sell Your Gilbert Home In the Ups and Downs of Today’s Market

The market is finally heating up in the East Valley and some key Gilbert neighborhoods in particular after a very long recession.

Example – Higley Groves in the eastern part of Gilbert.

Higley Groves Gilbert, Arizona

We are at a unique transition time in the market, with inventory at an all-time low and demand starting to increase. Gilbert Homes are either selling in 30 days or sitting on the market for over 3 months. There is not much in between. So why are some homes selling with multiple offers and others languishing unsold?

The bottom line is that buyers might be suddenly ready and able to buy BUT – they want perfection, a great deal or both. Hence, you have to make today’s buyer choose your home over the waiting game. Brisk as this market might be, there are still many buyers willing to wait for “just the right home at the right price.” This is where we step in. Below is a quick rundown of the steps that we go through with our clients to make their home stand out.

Create an Emotional Connection Between the Perspective Buyer and Your Home: Many of you have heard about agents making sellers bake cookies before the open house. Sounds cheesy, right? But most people love the smell of warm chocolate chip cookies. Why would someone leave their current residence? They leave because they want a dog, a yard and a gourmet kitchen of their own to bake cookies. They want a home! There are numerous ways to do this besides cookie baking but do it you must to create that special connection.

Create an Outdoor Sanctuary: If you’re like most people, the ability to escape from the hectic world into your outdoor home is a pastime that you look forward to daily. Your outdoor Gilbert home is an opportunity to enjoy nature, get fresh air, and retreat to a sanctuary that is truly yours. From relaxing furniture and ambiance lighting at night, to heavenly outdoor luxuries that can truly make your outdoors feel like you are inside.

Make your Kitchen/Bathroom Pop: You do not have to spend a lot of money but even a minor sprucing up of a kitchen can make all the difference. Today’s buyers are very conservative and have limited funds for remodeling after making a purchase. New paint, new counter tops or even just updated appliances can make all the difference in creating that emotional connection between the home and the targeted buyer.

Price at Market Value: The last ten years we have experienced huge market surges followed by a market crash. Although all indications show we are on our way to a stable market, price is still key. Pending sales might be on the increase but so are the number of homes with price reductions, which means there are still sellers chasing the market down. Do you want to be the home that sells in 30 days or the one that sells in 90 days at a below market value?

Perfect Marketing: Innovative Real Estate team works closely with our Gilbert Sellers to create a story around the home and to connect that home to its potential new owner. Most people think that all it takes to sell a home is some pretty pictures and MLS number. In reality, you have to create emotional value through the marketing to reach real estate brokers and then their buyers. We do  this through a multiple of different streams. The most important aspect for us is the work we do with our Photographer. It is easy to take a nice picture of a pretty kitchen but there is real skill in photographing homes. The photos make our homes stand out from the crowd and we use them in all of our marketing. They are perfect at capturing our vision so that we can communicate it through our print, online and social media marketing to the right buyer for each home.

Every home and neighborhood is different. You may need to sell down the road or are just curious about what is going on in your neighborhood. Give the Innovative Real Estate team a ring and we can help you figure out what the next steps are for you and your family for your Gilbert home.